Daniel Gillo

Developer & Writer
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I natively speak English and German. I was Raised in Dresden, Germany and Graduated from University of Toronto.

I have a Honours Bachelors of Science
Specialist in Computer Science and a minor in Professional Writing and Communication.

What I do

Career Objective:
To excel at computer science and extend the current boundaries of computational sciences. I wish to succeed in a work place environment that provides me with job satisfaction, experience, continuous learning possibilities and helps me achieve personal and organizational goals.

Programming Languages

• Python - 5yrs.
• Java - 2yrs.
• C - 2yrs.
• HTML & CSS - 2yrs.
• Javascript & JQuery - 2yrs.
• PHP - 1yr.
• SQL & Postgres - 1yr.
• AWS - 1yr.

Writing Skills

I've written:
• Short stories
• News Articles
• Oral Presentations

I'm a native writer in English and German.

Social Skills

I'm experienced an experienced team player with leadership skills.

I've worked using agile and spiral software development methodologies.

Linux Skills

I'm experienced with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu.


I've worked on many projects including:
• A compiler from C to LaTeX
• LCBO availability checker.
• Engineered an image facial tracker
• Neural Networks
• Web Design (AJAX)
• Human centered design
• Designed cheat detection software for student submissions.

Hackathon Awards

2nd place ZLAS Baseball “SAS-inator” Baseball Hackathon 2015

3rd place MCSS Coding Competition 2016

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