Daniel Gillo

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Hi there,

I'm so thrilled you're visiting my site! I'm a (soon-to-be) graduate from the Technical University of Munich with a M. Sc. in Computer Science and a B. Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Toronto.

I enjoy the broad spectrum of challenges modern technology provides and am interested to master the different facets of computing.

What I do

Career Objective:
Work with cutting edge technology to create the solutions to future problems. I wish to succeed in a work place environment that provides me with job satisfaction, experience, continuous learning possibilities and helps me achieve personal and organizational goals.

Programming Languages

• Python - 10yrs.
• NumPy, Pandas, SciKit Learn, Anaconda pyCharm - 3yrs.
• Java - 3 yrs.
• JavaScript - 2yrs.
• PyTorch, TensorFlow - 1yr.
• SQL & Postgres - 1yr.
• AWS - 1yr.

Operating Systems

Plentiful experience with Windows, MacOS, and Linux (Ubuntu and Red Hat).

1+ years experience maintaining Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu and Red Hat.

Social Skills

I'm experienced an experienced team player with leadership skills.

I've worked using agile and spiral software development methodologies.


With two years of IT experience managing computer systems, I have the skills to easily integrate myself into existing systems.


I've worked on many projects including:
• A compiler from C to LaTeX
• LCBO availability checker.
• Engineered an image facial tracker
• A product web-scraper
• Online sales and Customer Management
• Cloud Computing & Distributed Systems
• Designed cheat detection software for student submissions.

Hackathon Awards

2nd place ZLAS Baseball “SAS-inator” Baseball Hackathon 2015

3rd place MCSS Coding Competition 2016

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